Website security is critical for the future of your business. If you want to stay in business, you must protect your visitors and your customers by making sure that your website is completely secure. Secure websites increase customer trust and give people confidence in doing business with you.

Google is leading the fight to get all websites to add security. As of January 2018, Google Chrome will now display a Not secure warning on websites without valid security. If your website says Not secure, you will lose customers to your competition.
Each minute that you delay getting this resolved could be causing you to lose another potential client.

To enable SSL, a website needs to get an SSL Certificate. When your website has an SSL Certificate, your visitors will see a small padlock in front of your URL. Your URL will also start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The S on the end stands for Secure. Depending on the internet browser they are using, there may also be a green bar and the word Secure in front of your domain name.

Most professional websites have already implemented SSL on their website. Adding an SSL Certificate to your website automatically associates you with business professionals and gives you much more credibilty as a business.

If you are ready to secure your website with a SSL Security Certificate, schedule a call and let us help you solve this issue by tomorrow.


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